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Tuesday 11 December 2018

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Due at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 12 February, Missmanaged Theatre make their debut with Rattled, a vital new piece of writing exploring childhood trauma and postnatal mental health.
Rattled at Old Red Lion Theatre

Image: Old Red Lion Theatre

Rattled is a one-woman show that puts childhood trauma under the microscope and reviews its effect on adult life in a witty examination of mental health, self-preservation and human resilience.

Rattled was created after a heart-breaking confession about motherhood inspired writer Rachel Harper to further explore postnatal mental health.

Together with working mum and director Jemma Gross, they were inspired to actively help new mothers on and off stage by partnering with Bea & Co to make theatre more accessible.

This bespoke childcare agency will be offering free childcare to those attending Sunday matinees and at-home discounted childcare to audience members attending evening shows.

Rattled looks at isolation and loneliness in busy cities and the effect this has mentally on someone who has already experienced terrible trauma.

It puts the spotlight on postnatal mental health, on the lack of awareness of this often under-reported issue, and the lack of support for new mothers in the UK.

Writer and performer Rachel Harper commented ...

"After workshopping a play last year about postnatal mental health, a mother made one of the most heart breaking confessions to me.

As a writer and a big advocate for mental health I knew I had to share that story.

We've all struggled, we've all had very dark days and this play is not shy in laughing or crying about it.

I'm excited to champion an all female-identifying creative team and a story that lays tragedy bare."

Catherine Chalk and Rachel Harper, the founders of Missmanaged Theatre Company, first met as two creatives working in front of house roles.

This is a job that many creatives are familiar with, and so Missmanaged will be offering discounted tickets to Saturday matinee performances to any Front of House workers.

There will also be a post-show Q&A with the director, producer, and writer on how to create your own work and space in this industry.

Front of house workers will also be eligible for concessions and discounts throughout the run.

As the UK has a national gender wage gap median of 18.4%, the company will also hold Wage Gap Wednesdays whereby any female-identifying patrons will receive an 18.4% discount.

And, to show support for new mothers in the UK, the production is welcoming babes in arms to Wednesday and Sunday matinees, which are relaxed performances.

About the company

Missmanaged Theatre was co-founded in 2017 by Rachel Harper and Catherine Chalk, and is committed to championing female creatives and new writing.

Tired of reading statistics of all the theatres that, yet again, programmed seasons with no female directors, playwrights, designers (the list sadly goes on), they have decided to take matters into our own hands.

Missmanaged create well-rounded, fully representational theatre, particularly focusing on taboo topics and under-represented voices.

At the helm of every production is an all female creative team.

Past work includes The Edinburgh Test (Tristan Bates Theatre/Theatr Clwyd); and Glass Houses (Phoenix Artists Club), a socio-political satire which tears chunks out of the appropriation, gentrification, and fetishization of the working class by those in the middle.


"When the mind is put under extreme pressure, it can fracture.

Did you know that?

Splinter into a thousand pieces.

The more brittle the mind ... the more the pieces.”

Em never meant to get married.

She didn't mean to be unhappy.

It all just sort of happened by accident ... like running over your neighbours cat.

Things always seem to just happen to Em.

Now standing alone on the edge of a train station platform, she wants to know ... whose baby is this?


Rachel Harper


Author: Rachel Harper
Director: Jemma Gross
Designer: Florence Hazard
Lighting: Sherry Coenan
Production: Missmanaged Theatre


Old Red Lion Theatre
418 St John Street


From: Tuesday 12 February 2019

Closes: Saturday 2 March 2019




Same-day double-ticket to see both rattled & in search of applause £20

Concessions: £12.50

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