Fight Night at Vault Festival

Wednesday 19 December 2018

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After winning the Innovation Award at last year's Vault Festival, Exit Productions return with the world premiere of 'Fight Night' - their most ambitious immersive project to date.
Fight Night at Vault festival

Image courtesy Exit Productions

Get ready for the big fight ... fury, excitement and tension build as two boxers enter the ring and it is up to the audience who is crowned the champion.

Fight Night will present a live fight every night where the audience can become kingmakers, influencing the outcome of the bout.

The show premieres at Vault Festival from 30 January to 17 February 2019.

Recreating the thrills of live boxing, Fight Night will also offer the opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes orchestrating the excitement including trainers, promoters and the fighter's own family.

As whispers and rumours run rife through the arena before the fight, it is up to the audience how they will use the information - to influence the outcome, to find out where the corruption is coming from or to make some money?

With fight direction from Jonathan Holby (Machinal and Summer and Smoke, Almeida Theatre; Killer Joe, Trafalgar Studios; The King and I, London Palladium), the production stars ...

Edward Linard (Vikings, Amazon; Mary Queen of Scots, Focus Features; Romeo and Juliet, UK tour)

Rachel Switlick (Eat My Heart Out, Grid Games, Murder Mysteries, NYC Murder Mystery Company), and

Simon Pothecary (The Woman in Black, UK tour; War Babies, So Arts Club; Tree in the Sky, Nuffield Theatre).

The cast also includes Pete Grimwood (Of Our Own Device, D5 Films; House of America, Jack Studio Theatre; All in the Same Boat, Oxford House Theatre), Hannah Samuels (Kiss Chase, The Bunker Theatre; Meeting at 33, Pleasance Edinburgh), Ben Lydon (Henry V, Rose Playhouse; Ethical People, The Cockpit; Drifters, Channel 4) and Brendan O'Rourke (Revolution, VAULT Festival; Incident at Vichy, Finborough Theatre and King's Head Theatre; Game of Thrones, HBO).

Boxing is on the rise with the heavy-weight division gaining popularity that it hasn't seen since the days of Mike Tyson.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are among the international superstars whose huge personalities drive the live spectacles.

Bringing the drama of these fine-tuned rivalries, Fight Night explores bravado and the clash between public and private personas.

Directors Joe Ball and Chris Neels said ...

"With British boxing bigger and more exciting than ever, now feels like the right time to do this show.

We want to collide this with the growing appetite for interactive work because the ring, and world around it, is the perfect place to explore Exit's mission to make theatre more of a night out.

With the audience being active members of the performance, this is a live event at its most lively!"


It's FIGHT NIGHT. Two will enter the ring, one will leave victorious. But which one? That's up to you!

FIGHT NIGHT brings you not only the thrills of a live boxing match but the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the people behind the excitement.

From the trainers to the promoters to the family of the fighters, each FIGHT NIGHT is the be all and end all.

A knock out can change a life.

A points decision can end a career. FIGHT NIGHT will give an audience the opportunity to be part of everything that goes into those few precious moments on the canvas.

Experience the glitz and glamour of a live professional fight night, or stick with your favourite fighter in their dressing room as they prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime.

With a new live fight every night, the audience have the opportunity to influence the outcome and help crown a new champ.

Whispers and rumours run rife through the arena before the fight. How will you use this information?

Do you want to find out who they really are, or go further and to try and influence the outcome of the bout? Are you in it for financial gain or moral superiority?

FIGHT NIGHT is brought to you by Exit Productions, creators of last years award winning REVOLUTION.

In their most ambitious project to date, audiences will have an immersive experience like nothing else currently on in London.

This immersive experience lets you influence the outcome of the entire evening. What would you risk to be on the winning side?


Pete Grimwood

Edward Linard

Ben Lydon

Brendan O'Rourke

Simon Pothecary

Hannah Samuels

Rachel Switlick


Director: Joe Ball and Chris Neels
Set designer: Dev J. Danzig
Musical direction: James Frewer
Lighting: Nick Murry
Fight director: Jonathan Holby
Dramaturg: Adam Alston, Surrey University and Broderick Chow, Brunel University
Production: Exit Productions with help from Nadezhda Zhelyazkova at Full Sail Productions


The Vaults - Unit 9
Leake Street


From: Wednesday 30 January 2019

Closes: Sunday 17 February 2019


Standard: £22

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