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Tuesday 22 January 2019

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Multi-award winning theatre company Kandinsky will premiere Dinomania - the true story of the first paleontologists - at New Diorama Theatre from 19 February 2019.
Dinomania at New Diorama Theatre

Image: New Diorama Theatre

Kandinsky, the acclaimed theatre-makers who blend extensive research with innovative storytelling and devising techniques, will premiere a brand-new show - Dinomania - at New Diorama Theatre from 19 February to 23 March.

Dinomania tells the true story of Gideon Mantell, a country doctor outside of the 19th century scientific elite, who nonetheless worked tirelessly to reconstruct the structure and life of the Iguanodon, beginning the scientific study of dinosaurs as we now know it.

Mantell discovered several of the first dinosaurs, but it was another scientist, Richard Owen, who grouped them together and named them dinosauria ...

dino - deinos, Greek: fearfully great; the unknowable

sauria - sauros, Greek: lizard

Owen garnered huge success and acclaim, becoming known as 'the man who discovered dinosaurs' and going on to found the Natural History Museum - but his hostility towards progressive science, driven by religious conservatism, and his aggressive rivalry with Mantell, have made him an ambiguous figure in scientific history.

Performed by an energetic ensemble cast, Dinomania will look beyond the story's 19th century setting to speak to modern concerns around access to science and who gets to drive progress, as well as exploring humanity's relationship to death, extinction and climate change.

The show is directed and co-written by James Yeatman (also an associate director for legendary theatre company Complicité), and devised by the company, based on material by Yeatman and co-writer Lauren Mooney.

The company includes acclaimed performers Janet Etuk (credits include Love, National Theatre and UK tour), Hamish MacDougall (credits include Trap Street, also by Kandinsky), Sophie Steer (credits include Lands, Bush Theatre and UK tour) and Harriet Webb (credits include It's True, It's True, It's True, New Diorama Theatre), plus live music from Zac Gvirtzman.

About the company

An associate company of New Diorama Theatre, Kandinsky is a multi-award winning theatre company with a national and international reputation for exciting, inventive new work.

Previous productions have twice won the Sunday Times Playwriting Award and been shortlisted for the Carol Tambor Award.

Most recently, Dog Show won the Peter Brook Festival Award 2015 and the OffWestEnd Award for Best Ensemble.

Later in 2019, the company are transferring Trap Street to the Schaubühne, Berlin, and making a new show for the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

Kandinsky are writer Al Smith, writer-director James Yeatman and writer-producer Lauren Mooney.


165 million years ago, an iguanodon is killed in the heart of a rainforest.

Time passes, the rainforest becomes the South Downs, and every part of the iguanodon degrades and disappears - except one tooth.

197 years ago, in safe, affuent 1820s Sussex, a country doctor finds the tooth.

But where does it fit in the story of an earth created by God just 6,000 years ago?

Dinomania is a story of scientifc endeavour, bitter rivalry and terrible lizards.


Janet Etuk

Hamish MacDougall

Sophie Steer

Harriet Webb

Live music from Zac Gvirtzman


Author: James Yeatman, Lauren Mooney
Director: James Yeatman
Production: Kandinsky


New Diorama Theatre
15-16 Triton Street
Regents Place


From: Tuesday 19 February 2019

Closes: Saturday 23 March 2019


Standard: £15

Concessions: £3 (Job Seekers Allowance)

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