The Dark Lady from The Datura Collective

Tuesday 15 March 2016

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Part of the Catford Upon Avon festival at the Broadway Theatre, Catford, The Datura Collective presents the premiere of The Dark Lady, an adaptation of Shakespeare's sonnets - premiere tonight!

The Dark Lady at The Broadway Catford

Image: Kate Burke

As part of the Catford Upon Avon festival at the Broadway Theatre, Catford, due to take place during March, The Datura Collective is presenting The Dark Lady - an adaptation of Shakespeare’s latter sonnets.

Combining his story with spoken word, music and dance the sonnets are reimagined and woven together depicting a tale of lust, love and desire as Shakespeare’s elegant verse situates itself in a mire of sexual angst and betrayal.

The Dark Lady features an original soundtrack from Kitt Munro and dance from award winning choreographer Kate Burke.

The show will premiere on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 8:45pm.

Tickets £10/£8 concessions.

Box Office 020 8690 0002.

About the company

The Datura Collective bring together theatre makers, filmmakers, choreographers and musicians who combine their multitude of creative disciplines to produce theatre that gravitates towards the darker recesses of the human psyche.

Their previous works include Dr Faustus, A Clockwork Orange, Gaggle Of Saints and Disco Pigs as well as their original production of Kate Burke’s Obsidian.

Here's what the press have had to say about the company and its previous shows:

“A young company has gone beyond its student roots”- Unknown Magazine on Obsidian.

“If you turned skyward you’d be surprised you weren’t seeing the night sky”- Twaine on Obsidian.

“I defy you not to appreciate the immense work that went into crafting such a visceral and emotionally draining experience.” – Nouse on A Clockwork Orange.

“I approached it [Dr Faustus] with eyes half closed, yet they were wide open with admiration and respect by the closing of the final scene” – The Yorker on Dr Faustus.


The Dark Lady at The Broadway Theatre, Catford

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