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Thursday 11 July 2019

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Turn Point Theatre will bring a brand-new show about grief, fertility and the power of storytelling to Islington's Hope Theatre next month.
River In The Sky at the Hope Theatre

Photo courtesy Turn Point Theatre

Presented by Turn Point Theatre, and written and directed by Peter Taylor, River In The Sky focuses on a young couple who struggle to cope after the loss of their child.

The show runs at Islington's popular Hope Theatre from 6 to 24 August.

Actor/producer Lindsey Cross said ...

"There's a shroud of silence around anything concerning stillbirth or neonatal death.

Society has taught us that these are not topics to be discussed openly and therefore anyone who has had to go through either of these traumatic experiences are left with feelings of isolation and shame.

I think this play is very important in bringing a sensitive and tricky subject out into the open, and I believe the play displays the intricacies of grief, loneliness and human nature extremely well."

Though based in London, Turn Point Theatre are planning to take productions around theatres throughout the whole of the UK.

Peter Taylor's previous directing credits include WEIRD, Among Angels and critically acclaimed play Glitter Punch.

This production of River In The Sky is also helping to raise money for 4Louis Charity, which supports anyone affected by miscarriages, stillbirth and the death of a child.


“We are all just an assortment of stories.

Lies and truths all muddled by our own narrative.

Young couple, Jack and Ellie were trying to have a family.

Then after the sudden loss of their child, they both start to struggle coping with reality.

While one hides away in a dilapidated caravan, escaping to wondrous, childish adventures through their imagination, the other tries to forget the painful event and move on with their day to day life.

Unable to heal separately, they both come together to drink Earl Grey tea, argue over biscuits and tell each other magnificent stories, as bittersweet escapism from their mourning.

But as they tell these stories of battling massive, slender dark monsters with many claws, observing a beautiful winged creature with golden eyes and being tickled by fast beings that can't be seen underwater, reality drifts further from reach …

Will they spiral further into grief or can these stories somehow bring them back?


Ellie - Lindsey Cross

Jack - Howard Horner


Author: Peter Taylor
Director: Peter Taylor
Production: Charlie Arundel, Peter Taylor, Lindsey Cross, Turn Point Theatre


Hope Theatre
207 Upper Street
N1 1RL


From: Tuesday 6 August 2019

Closes: Saturday 24 August 2019


Standard: £15

Concessions: £12

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