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Tuesday 30 July 2019


Cora Bissett is bringing her critically-acclaimed, Fringe First-winning production, What Girls Are Made Of, to Soho Theatre this September.
What Girls Are Made Of at Soho Theatre

Image: Soho Theatre

Following a sold-out, Fringe First-winning run at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, where it returns this summer, Cora Bissett's What Girls Are Made Of charts her rollercoaster journey from indie-kid hopeful to wised-up woman.

Playing at Soho Theatre from 9 to 28 September 2019, the show is an exhilarating and exciting piece of gig theatre.

Directed by Orla O'Loughlin (Mouthpiece) and winner of a Scottish Culture Award 2019, Cora celebrates life's euphoric highs and epic shitstorms accompanied by a live band, with a brand-new drummer.

Taking to the stage in this outing is drummer and bassist Emma Smith, who has recently been on-kit with all-female outfit Hairband and 6-piece band Kaputt.

Emma brings her own personal flair on the drums to help tell Cora's remarkable tale.

Simon Donaldson and Harry Ward complete the band of actor musicians.

What Girls Are Made Of celebrates the euphoric highs (touring with Radiohead, partying with Blur) and epic lows (untrustworthy managers, £40,000 debt) of Cora Bissett's young life as lead singer in the tipped-for-the-top band Darlingheart, poignantly interspersed with the personal losses and gains of her adult life.


Grunge has gone global, indie kids are inheriting the earth, and a schoolgirl from Glenrothes is catapulted to a rock star lifestyle as the singer in a hot new indie band.

Touring with Radiohead, partying with Blur, she was living the dream.

Until she wasn't.

Based on her meticulously detailed teenage diaries, this is the true story of Cora Bissett's rollercoaster journey from the girl she was to the woman she wanted to be.


Cora Bissett


Emma Smith

Simon Donaldson

Harry Ward


Author: Cora Bissett
Director: Orla O'Loughlin
Production: Soho Theatre presents a Raw Material & Traverse Theatre Company co-production in association with Regular Music


Soho Theatre - Soho Theatre
21 Dean Street


From: Monday 9 September 2019

Closes: Saturday 28 September 2019


Standard: From £10

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