29 Plays Done!

Thursday 3 March 2016

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Back in January we told you about an interesting idea from The Space which asked people to write a play a day for the whole of the month of February. Well, the challenge is now over and the results are in ...

29 Plays Later playwriting compeition at the Space.

Image: the Space

In 2015, The Space offered an invitation for anyone to write a play each day during the month of February.

Following the success of the 2015 challenge, this year the venue decided to repeat it - except with an extra bite: this year's competition involved writing 29 plays since this year is a leap year.

Amazingly, 190 writers took up the challenge and 116 of them actually went on to complete their 29 plays.

That was more than the number of people who started the project in 2015.

Literary Manager Sebastian Rex set some inspirational subject-matter which playwrights could choose to follow or not, and dealt with the admin.

The overall stats are impressive.

In total, Sebastian received 4,101 plays!

Adding last year’s plays to the total means that this project is responsible for 6,795 plays in just two months!

And Sebastian received 5,649 emails about 29 plays later during the month, 195 emails per day.

Looking at some of the quotes from the competitors, it looks like this was a fantastic opportunity that many people found immensely rewarding.

Here's one of the comments:

“I’m exhausted. But it was worth it and without a doubt one of the greatest achievements in my entire life.”

Our congratulations to everyone who took part, and to Sebastian for what seems to us like a mega administrative endurance test.

Hope everyone gets chance to relax in March!

And don't forget to look-out for next year's challenge - with one less play to write!


The Space - 29 Plays Done

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