Jade City at The Bunker

Saturday 10 August 2019

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Due at The Bunker from 3 September, Alice Malseed's Jade City follows two friends struggling with the pressures of everyday life in modern Belfast.
Jade City at The Bunker

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Tackling the devastating effect of poverty and the lack of opportunities faced by so many in Britain, Jade City follows two friends struggling with the pressures of everyday life in modern Belfast.

The show will be at The Bunker from 3 to 21 September 2019.

Inspired by a city full of heart that is straining under the weight of decades of political and social unrest, Alice Malseed brings to life the mental health issues faced by the brushed aside working classes.

One third of people in Northern Ireland live on or below the bread line, and the country has seen more suicides since the Good Friday Agreement than deaths during the Troubles.

As the government works to bring the 18-month deadlock in Northern Ireland to a close, Jade City explores the consequences of non-functional and uncaring governments and the effects on the people they have neglected.

Writer Alice Malseed explains ...

"Jade City was written as a matter of urgency.

It seeks to illuminate the effect that decades of austerity and economic and societal side-lining has had on masculinity, particularly in working class communities such as the one in east Belfast in this story.

It is full of the storytelling, generosity, kindness and dark humour of Belfast; things that provide joy in Sas and Monty's world.

Jade City has a lot of aggression and a lot of heart.

For me, that's Belfast.

The play has a really live energy, that fizzes and buzzes in the dialogue until it explodes with devastating consequences."


"There is something undeniably powerful in this story of two men bound together by a shared childhood and the imaginary games they used to play" Lyn Gardner.

Sas and Monty are trapped in this place, and in their heads.

From the working men's to Monty's empty flat, their only escape comes from playing The Game; where they can be bin men hiding stolen cash under the mattress, seagulls snatching dogs on the high street, or just themselves, free at last, knocking back breakfast cocktails on a sunny beach in Jamaica.

But Sas doesn't want to play anymore.

He wants to talk.

About girls, his head and that summer they can't forget.

Rich in the language of Belfast, and with an original electronic score, Jade City is a lyrical and powerful exploration of growing up and growing apart, about the choices we make and the only choices we have.


Barry Calvert - Monty

Brendan Quinn - Sas


Author: Alice Malseed
Director: Katherine Nesbitt
Designer: Timothy Kelly
Sound: Michael Mormecha
Movement: David Quinn
Production: Isy Sharman and Philippa Mannion for View From Here


The Bunker
53a Southwark Street


From: Tuesday 3 September 2019

Closed: Saturday 21 September 2019




Unwaged: £3.00 (10 per preview performance)

Standard: £16



Under 30s: £10.00 (10 per performance)


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