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Monday 28 August 2017

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Four-time Australian Writers' Guild award winner, Ron Elisha, brings his new play to the Bread & Roses Theatre starting tomorrow 29 August 2017, directed by Dave Spencer.
The Summoning of Everyman at The Bread & Roses Theatre

Image: Another Soup

A little confusingly, two plays are about to be running at the same time in London with almost identical titles, but written almost a century apart.

John Galsworthy's 'Windows' is revived at the Finborough Theatre (and got five stars in our recent review).

And The Bread & Roses Theatre brings us a play entitled 'Window' by award-winning playwright Ron Elisha starting tomorrow, 29 August.

Theatre company Another Soup is presenting the Australian's minutely observed new piece to the Clapham theatre, running until 16 September 2017.

Look-out next week for our review of the show.

'Window' is an honest portrayal of a young married couple and a gritty show about how things can go wrong and not turn out as expected.


What if one day you looked out of your window and what you saw changed your life forever?

Grace and Jimmy are in their late twenties.

They have a house and a child.

They like normal things - TV, takeaway, and travel.

But when Grace notices a rather athletic display taking place in a neighbour's bedroom, she begins to watch, and so does Jimmy.

And before long, neither of them can look away.

Here's the trailer ...

Speaking about the play, director Dave Spencer, co-producer of The So & So Arts Club, says ...

"The two characters, Grace and Jimmy, appear to be living a normal life, and then suddenly, without warning, their lives are turned upside down - but not in the way you'd expect.

Ron has written a wonderful treatment of the trials of suffering with pre- and post-natal depression, and the possibility that it can become a form of psychosis.

Window also tackles the insipid social media addiction of the modern age, the narcissism inherent in our everyday lives, in that we can no longer look at ourselves without looking at others.

We see our own reflection in the window that is supposed to show us the world.

Along with the glut of reality TV and the self-regarding proliferation of social media, we play out an idealised version of our life publicly, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What is private and public has become so blurred that we no longer have any idea who we are."

Window is presented by Another Soup in a co-production with The So & So Arts Club.


Idgie Beau - Grace

Charles Warner - Jimmy


Director: Dave Spencer

Lighting: Clancy Flynn

Producers: Another Soup in a co-production with The So & So Arts Club


The Bread & Roses Theatre

68 Clapham Manor Street

London SE4 6DZ


29 August to 16 September 2017


£14; £12 concessions; £10 previews (29 and 30 Aug)


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