Michael Billington's 101 greatest plays

Monday 30 November 2015

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Just in case you missed it earlier in the year, we thought you might still be interested in knowing what plays were on the Guardian's long-time theatre critic's list of top plays ...

The UK's longest serving theatre critic, Michael Billington, put 'his head on the block' back in early September by publishing a book with his list of the greatest 101 plays of all time.

We haven't managed to get round to ordering it yet, let alone reading it, and we thought that, if you're in the same state of parlous disorganisation, or just can't be bothered to cough-up the cash, you might be interested to know what ended-up on this mega dramatic list.

Well, back in the late summer/ early autumn - actually on Wednesday 2 September 2015 to be precise - the Guardian published the full list.

If you missed it then (as indeed we did), you might want to take a look at it - it's available here.

And if you want some background as to why Mr Billington picked those particular pieces, he explains more about his choices in this Guardian article entitled 'Choosing my 101 greatest plays – and why I left out King Lear'.

If you feel like delving further and reading the whole book, you can buy it direct from the Guardian's bookshop, or from Amazon.

Alternatively, of course, you could always see if it is in stock at your local library, if you still have one and it still has any books on the shelves after half a decade or more of austerity.

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