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5 star rating
Back as part of the RADA Festival, New Public combine terrific ideas, split-second timing and assured teamwork in a mesmerising, uniquely funny and unmissable show.
New Public

Image: Aaron Bergmann

Theatre: RADA

Closes here: Saturday 7 July 2018


created by:

Stefanie Bruckner

Dean Elliott

Tom Kelsey

Jo Moss

Katariina Tamm


Stefanie Bruckner

Dean Elliott

Tom Kelsey

Jo Moss

Katariina Tamm


A funny, insightful and at times disturbing journey into the strange yet familiar world of dreams, Lucid combines unique sound design, physical theatre and surreal humour to explore the hidden depths of our subconscious.


After sellout five-star shows at the Bloomsbury Festival and the Tristan Bates Theatre, New Public's debut show Lucid returns to RADA.

New Public are a London-based theatre company, formed by graduates of RADA's MA Theatre Lab.

Their work is highly physical and includes an eclectic mix of different performance disciplines.

ActDrop reviewed this show at the Tristan Bates Theatre - read our full 5 star review here.


ActDrop reviews

Peter Brown

Performance date: Friday 29 June 2018
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Here's another chance to see New Public's collection of stunningly inventive and hilarious ideas about the world of sleep and dreams.

The last time I saw this show was back in April at the Tristan Bates Theatre (you can read that review here).

It's now getting a well-deserved new run as part of the RADA Festival.

When I've re-reviewed shows in the past, there have been occasions when the production company has tinkered with their concept between outings, not always resulting in desirable effects.

But Lucid is in the same excellent shape, at least as I remember it, and remains just as appealing, even on a repeat viewing when some of the element of surprise is missing.

And surprise is ingeniously used throughout this show - though that's not the only thing that sets it apart from the pack.

There's almost no spoken dialogue except for an odd word or two, some incomprehensible chatter in what sounds like a made-up language, and recorded voice over.

That leaves the cast to convey almost everything that's happening in complex, innovative and perfectly timed movement, sometimes involving considerable strength and a huge amount of energy.

It's all combined with a finely crafted soundscape that includes children's voices, an AI sounding voice doling-out instructions and a number of well-selected songs from the likes of Roy Orbison.

There's also some lovely live singing which accompanies a rather scary scenario involving a dog on a chain.

It's in the ideas department where this show finds much of its creative flair and comic potency.

Those ideas are encapsulated in a number of vignettes seamlessly stitched-together but which, sometimes literally, come tumbling out one after the other.

The range of concepts the show covers is almost overwhelming, ranging across the definitely bizarre to the everyday ordinary and culminating in a frenetic, whirlwind scenario where one man's many unrealistic ambitions are all achieved.

Not only have New Public come up with ingenious ideas, they also have the skill, talent and craft to execute them with split-second timing and assured teamwork.

The end result is a mesmerising, uniquely funny and unmissable show.

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