Breaking the Ice

Join an Arctic adventure based on the incredible true story of a wild polar bear who made friends with a husky. Follow a story of unlikely friendship and be part of Team Polar Bear or Team Husky as the animals learn to play together.
Breaking the Ice at Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Image: Filskit Theatre


Genre: Kids/ family
Venue: Ovalhouse
Started: Wednesday 13 December 2017
Closed: Saturday 23 December 2017
Running time:55 mins
Age suitability: Suitable for 2 - 5 years


Have you heard the incredible true story of a wild polar bear who made friends with a Husky?

This is a show inspired by their unlikely friendship.

Join us on a journey into the snow where music, shadows and projection will transport you to a place where Polar Bears and Huskies really can be friends.

Then watch as your child joins in with the adventure and takes their place on Team Polar Bear or Team Husky!


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Postal address:
52-54 Kennington
London SE11 5SW

Box office tel: 020 7582 7680

Box office email: -

Location map for Ovalhouse

 Interactive map 


Previews from:Wednesday 13 December 2017

Closes:Saturday 23 December 2017

Performance days & times



Tuesday - 11-00am

Wednesday - 11-00am

Thursday - 11-00am

Friday - 11-00am

Saturday - 11-00am




Group ticket for 4 people £35


Katy Costigan

Victoria Dysop

Sarah Gee


Author: Katy Costigan, Victoria Dyson, Sarah Shephard
Composer: Torgeir Vassvik
Director: Katy Costigan, Victoria Dyson, Sarah Shephard
Designer: Paddy Molloy
Costume designer: Joanna Helsby (headdresses), Alexandria Kerr (masks)
Lighting: Phil Bentley
Sound: Edward Lewis
Production: Filskit Theatre Company

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