Constance & Eva

A multimedia play derived from prison letters and archival text, alongside contemporary reflections on the lives of sisters Constance Markiewicz and Eva Gore-Booth.
Constance & Eva at the Bread & Roses Theatre

Image: Bread & Roses Theatre


Genre: Drama
Venue: The Bread & Roses Theatre
Started: Sunday 17 September 2017
Closed: Wednesday 27 September 2017
Running time:1 hr to 1 hr 10 mins
Age suitability: 13+


Constance Markiewicz and Eva Gore-Booth were two aristocratic Anglo-Irish sisters who relinquished their privileged upbringing to dedicate their lives to a range of causes.

Constance was a suffragette, a labour activist, an instrumental figure in the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, and the first woman to be elected to Westminster (though as a member of Sinn Fein she did not take her seat).

Eva was a suffragette, a women's workers' rights advocate in Manchester, a publisher of a pioneering journal on gender and sexuality in London, and a pacifist.

Both women were famous - even infamous - during their lifetimes, but history has largely forgotten them.

Constance and Eva is an hour-long multimedia play derived entirely from prison letters and archival text, alongside contemporary reflections on the lives of the sisters from the creative team and historians.

The play examines the potentialities and complexities of social and political activism so relevant in a post-Trump, post-Brexit context.

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Postal address:
68 Clapham Manor St
London SW4 6DZ

Box office tel: 020 7498 1779

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Previews from:Sunday 17 September 2017

Closes:Wednesday 27 September 2017

Performance days & times


Sunday ‑ 7‑30pm

Monday ‑ 7‑30pm

Tuesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Wednesday ‑ 20th Sep ‑ 7‑30pm

Thursday ‑ 7‑30pm

Friday ‑ 7‑30pm

Sunday - 2-30pm





Eva: Hannah Berry

Constance: Charlotte Gallagher


Author: Kimberly Campanello
Director: Luke Davies
Set designer: Luke Davies
Sound: JP Thwaites
Projections: Film by Sandeep Gill
Production: Urania, in association with The Bread & Roses Theatre

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