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A black comedy, a modern fairytale, set in the bedroom (and inside the anxious mind) of Shy Girl, hopelessly waiting for her all-important date to turn up and give her validation. A provocative exploration of beauty, narcissism and neurosis.
Mirrors at Leicester Square Theatre

Image: Butchy Davy


Genre: Black comedy
Venue: Leicester Square Theatre
Started: Wednesday 28 March 2018
Closed: Saturday 14 April 2018
Running time:1 hr 10 mins
Age suitability: 13+


Mirrors arrives at the Leicester Square Theatre Lounge after acclaimed runs at the Rosemary Branch and King's Head Theatres in North London.


Inept vlogger Shy Girl has been stood up.


Humiliated and a little intoxicated, she stares into her bedroom mirror and decides it is time to act.

Shy Girl conjures up Shivvers - a wicked witch, distant relative of Snow White's stepmother and the most gorgeous person in the universe.

When her mirror announces that her beauty has a rival, Shivvers embarks on a mission to track down and destroy whoever dares to be more gorgeous than she.

Both a black comedy and a modern fairytale, Mirrors is a provocative and poetic exploration of narcissism and neurosis.

Siobhan McMillan's remarkable performance takes the audience on a fabulous flight of fancy in search of validation and vodka.


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Postal address:
6 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7BX

Box office tel: 08448 733433

Box office email: Send Mail

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Previews from:Wednesday 28 March 2018

Press night:Thursday 29 March 2018

Closes:Saturday 14 April 2018

Performance days & times


Wednesday ‑ 8‑30pm

Thursday ‑ 8‑30pm

Friday ‑ 8‑30pm

Saturday ‑ 8‑30pm






Siobhan McMillan


Author: Siobhan McMillan
Composer: Face + Heel
Director: Gabi Maddocks
Costume designer: Shabnam Spiers
Lighting: Frank Turnbull
Sound: Murray Clack
Production: Infinite Theatre Space

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