Stream: Two New Plays

Two new plays - Salmon and Mom Bob - written by emerging female writers.
Stream at Drayton Arms Theatre

Image: Drayton Arms Theatre


Genre: Drama
Venue: Drayton Arms Theatre
Starts: Tuesday 9 April 2019
Closes: Saturday 13 April 2019
Running time:1 hr 20 mins
Age suitability: 12+

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Stream: Two New Plays, is a show that explores the ebb and flow at the very core of being human.

Written by emerging female writers, Salmon and Mom Bob, plunge beneath the deceptively still surface and unravel the changing tides and relentless torrents beneath.

SALMON by Constance Eldon McCaig and Eva Lily

Set in a small Scottish town, where a lack of prospects leaves the young people looking for more, Salmon follows Angus and his self-destruction in the aftermath of his dog's death.

As Angus struggles between the weekend raves and week day restlessness, we are swept a long into a world where dogs run security businesses, flies talk, and nothing is quite what it seems.

Salmon blends spoken word, music and surrealism as it asks of it's audience; why is it so hard to admit you're not okay.

MOM BOB by Jane Hancock

Claire finds herself at her wits end as she processes the changing tides of her life and the experices that brought her here, to this duck pond in Central Park, New York City.

MOM BOB examines the relationship between (biological) mother and child. The identity wrapped around that relationship, and how we react to being needed, or not needed.

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Postal address:
153 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 0LJ

Box office tel: 020 7835 2301

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Previews from:Tuesday 9 April 2019

Closes:Saturday 13 April 2019

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Tuesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Wednesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Thursday ‑ 7‑30pm

Friday ‑ 7‑30pm

Saturday ‑ 7‑30pm






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SALMON by Constance Eldon McCaig and Eva Lily

MOM BOB by Jane Hancock

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