The Twilight Hour

Journey into the unknown with a selection of newly written short plays by some award-winning playwrights from the UK and the US. Reflecting on the feeble human condition, our fears, our prejudices, our cravings, and … our hopes.
The Twilight Hour at Canal Cafe Theatre

Image: Canal Cafe Theatre


Genre: Multi-show
Venue: Canal Cafe Theatre
Started: Wednesday 21 November 2018
Closed: Saturday 24 November 2018
Running time:1 hr 00 mins
Age suitability: 11+


A show inspired by The Twilight Zone from the team that brought you Shorts @ The Canal and The Twilight Hour.

Journey into the unknown with a selection of newly written short plays by some award-winning playwrights from the UK and the US - reflecting on the feeble human condition, our fears, our prejudices, our cravings, and … our hopes.

Expect to laugh, expect to be surprised and expect to be entertained!

Social Outcast / Written by Ade Cory

Stella is just an ordinary teenage girl.

Moody, withdrawn and addicted to the world of social media.

Her parents grow increasingly concerned at how detached she's become from the real world and when Stella rages at their efforts to get her off the phone, reality is suddenly a very strange place indeed.

After a career in commercial marketing spanning twenty years, Ade Cory has now thrown his heart, soul and a few other body parts into writing. With a number of published magazine articles and an eco-fantasy novel, On the Eighth Tin, under his belt, Social Outcast represents Ade's first foray into playwriting.

Ade lives in Suffolk and is married with four children.

The Glitch / Written by Jamie RJ Richmond

Andrew's ordinary life is flipped on its head as weird things start happening all around him.

Jamie RJ Richmond is an author from Sunderland.

His love of creating writing spans books, short stories, scripts and blogs.

He is the author of 'NightFall' and 'Guardians of the Atmos'.

Frameworks / Written by Mike McGeever

Marie, a graduate student in physics waiting for a train, encounters a teacher who suggests a route that will change her life forever.

Sensing an untapped market for comedies about accountants, Mike McGeever wrote SMILERS, which placed in over 30 national writing competitions including 1rst place wins in The Waterfront Film Festival, The Comedy Category of Chicago Screenwriters, and The Contest of Contest Winners.

Mike's short film, PLANS, was shown on PBS in New York and was an official selection at the No Hu International Film Festival and the Catskill Film Festival.

Mike's short plays INTERVIEW, FRAMEWORKS, and THE DEAL have been performed at a number of venues throughout the United States, and now, London.

In addition to being a writer, Mike is also a Certified Public Accountant and has a Masters Degree in Computer Science, which has earned him the Triple Crown for Nerdy Professions.

Midnight Blue / Written by Lynne O'Sullivan

A run down café in a lonely spot in winter.

Helen is thankful for help when her car skids off the road as the snow comes down.

But it seems her visit isn't entirely unexpected. Jean has been waiting and Tommy knows what he must do …

Lynne O'Sullivan is an actress and writer.

Her winning one act play 'The Refuge' was recently shown at the Sterts Arts Studio in Cornwall.

Lynne has written and produced 'Foolproof' a short thriller, along with 'Tower Street' a lunchtime soap for the stage.

Lynne has published two personal memoirs entitled 'Back AlongThe Track' and 'Stargazing'.

Kill Them / Written by Otto English

A couple take to bugging their neighbours after overhearing a random comment through the garden fence.

As their paranoia grows they find themselves plunged - quite literally into darkness.

Otto is a Lewisham based writer who has contributed articles to the New Statesman and Independent among others.

He has a background in theatre and TV as an actor and writer and a slough of failed projects, pilots and unproduced film scripts behind him.

He blogs at The Pin Prick.

The Host / Written by Andrew Crook

Andrew has recently had a short play performed at Canal Cafe Theatre and the Union Theatre, London.

He's also had a short play performed for Chesil Theatre's 10x10 show this autumn.

Also this year he's shortlisted for Sky Blue Theatre and BlueCat.

Prior to this he has shortlisted/longlisted for Channel 4, FilmLondon, BBC Writersroom, screenwriting Goldmine and Little Pieces of Gold amongst others.

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Postal address:
Delamere Terrace
Little Venice
London W2 6ND

Box office tel: 0207 289 6054

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Previews from:Wednesday 21 November 2018

Closes:Saturday 24 November 2018

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Wednesday ‑ 7‑00pm

Thursday ‑ 7‑00pm

Friday ‑ 7‑00pm

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