The War Has Not Yet Started

A funny, eye-opening and often surreal dark comedy about everyday people fighting everyday wars.
The War Has Not Yet Started at Southwark Playhouse

Image: Southwark Playhouse


Genre: Black comedy
Venue: Southwark Playhouse
Started: Wednesday 17 January 2018
Closed: Saturday 10 February 2018
Running time:1 hr 17 mins
Age suitability: Not available


Mikhail Durnenkov is a major stage, screen and television talent based in Moscow, his incisive eye often piercing the malaise of Russian society.

His play, The Drunks, written with his brother, was produced by the RSC in 2009.

Part of: Strange Tales from the West Country: Two New Plays in Rep


You think your life is normal, but things are not always what they seem …

Colleagues attending a conference get drunk and misbehave.

The news from the front is terrifying.

The atrocities are awful.

A man waiting in the clinic claims to have had an absurdity implant.

She hides her diary - her partner finds it!

A man is desperate.

He's desperately trying to give up smoking.

Why are you afraid of a global war when you haven't even fought your own yet?

Things happen - but no one can see the connections in The War Has Not Yet Started, a funny, eye-opening and often surreal dark comedy about everyday people fighting everyday wars.

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Postal address:
77-85 Newington Causeway
London SE1 6BD

Box office tel: 020 7407 0234

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Previews from:Wednesday 17 January 2018

Press night:Friday 19 January 2018

Closes:Saturday 10 February 2018

Performance days & times


Tuesday ‑ 8‑00pm

Wednesday ‑ 8‑00pm

Thursday ‑ 8‑00pm

Friday ‑ 8‑00pm

Saturday ‑ 8‑00pm

Saturday - 3-30pm






Author: Mikhail Durnenkov
Director: Gordon Anderson
Production: Theatre Royal Plymouth

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