Voices From Across the World

Two vivid, audacious, yet different musical showcases make their theatrical entrance.
Voices From Across the World at Cockpit Theatre

Image: Cockpit Theatre


Genre: Drama
Venue: Cockpit Theatre
Starts: Wednesday 9 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 12 October 2019
Running time:To be confirmed
Age suitability: Not available

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Two vivid, audacious, yet completely different musical showcases make their theatrical entrance here.

"Ship in a Bottle" is a gritty, contemporary urban saga shot through with wit, irony and dark colours.

It is a contemporary fable in a brutal metropolis.

A beautiful young firebrand wants to put the world right.

She is a true fighter but she has to learn lessons along the way.

Far, far from there, set among the idyllic coral reefs of the south Pacific is "Tahiti", an extravaganza of magical realism.

Myth and ritual inhabit its sun-kissed locations.

Animals talk, humans listen, a world is reborn in the face of catastrophe.

Both shows present a muscular, thrilling and unblinking view of today, our now world.

They are high on emotion, richly thought-provoking and interwoven with transcendent moments.

From different sides of our beautiful planet a cry goes out for a better world.

Something stirs in British musicals.

Be there at the birth.

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Postal address:
Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH

Box office tel: 0207 258 2925

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Previews from:Wednesday 9 October 2019

Closes:Saturday 12 October 2019

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Wednesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Thursday ‑ 7‑30pm

Friday ‑ 7‑30pm

Saturday ‑ 7‑30pm


Thursday - 2-30pm

Friday - 2-30pm

Saturday - 2-30pm




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