Bath Fringe Festival 2019

A 'classic' kind of fringe festival which takes place each year during the late May to early June period.

Bath Fringe Festival 2019

Image: Bath Fringe

Festival type: Performing arts

Region: South West

About the festival

The Bath Fringe is a festival of all the arts, with few rules as to what should be in or out - it's what people want to do, and what venues in Bath want to put on. It all happens for 2 long weeks & 3 weekends (17 days or thereabouts) in early summer, in the beautiful city of Bath.

Bath Fringe Ltd is constituted as a co-operative, and has been running since 1992.

It currently has a voluntary management committee of 12 people and two part-time not-very-well-paid workers, along with other volunteer help at festival time.


Starts:Friday 24 May 2019

Ends:Sunday 9 June 2019

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