Clapham Fringe Festival 2019

A Performing Arts Festival taking place at The Bread & Roses Theatre.

The Bread and Roses Theatre photographed from the street in front of the building.

Photo by Peter Brown 2015

Festival type: Multi-art, Performing arts

Region: London

About the festival

Over three weeks the Clapham Fringe hosts a variety of performances including theatre, comedy, storytelling and cabaret.

With something for everyone at this growing festival, the Clapham Fringe is a great opportunity to discover and experience an exciting line-up of performances in the vibrant South West London area.

In September 2015 the first Clapham Fringe Festival took place, which featured 18 different productions with 47 performances altogether.

The second festival ran from 20th October to 6th November 2016.

With 23 different productions and 48 performances altogether.

The Clapham Fringe was founded by Rebecca Pryle and Tessa Hart, the team who also founded and manage The Bread & Roses Theatre.


Starts:Thursday 26 September 2019

Ends:Sunday 13 October 2019

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The Bread & Roses Theatre

68 Clapham Manor St
London SW4 6DZ

Box office tel: 020 7498 1779

Box office email: -

Location map for The Bread & Roses Theatre

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