Out Of The Wings Festival 2019

Out of the Wings presents its fourth annual festival, exploring untapped theatre from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.

Out Of The Wings Festival 2019 at Omnibus Theatre

Image courtesy Omnibus Theatre

Festival type: Language, Workshops

Region: London

About the festival

Over five days, a series of stage readings bring to life new English translations of works by playwrights from five countries, alongside workshops, talks and events, in celebration of theatre in translation.

Last year's festival featured plays from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Spain and Peru. From stories about a Quechua-speaking Peruvian mermaid, an absurdist Cuban comedy from one of the country's most celebrated writers, to an extreme version of reality TV from Brazil.

Out of the Wings, began life as an Arts, Humanities Research Council collaboration between King's College London, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Oxford aimed to make the riches of the theatres of Spain and Spanish America accessible to English-speaking researchers and theatre professionals.

The result is a unique archive at www. outofthewings.org which has now developed into a collective of theatre artists, researchers and producers, with a shared goal of showcasing and exploring international theatre.


Starts:Tuesday 30 July 2019

Ends:Saturday 3 August 2019

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Omnibus Theatre

1 Northside (The Old Library)
Clapham Common
London SW4 0QW

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