King's Head Theatre

Exterior photo of the King's Head Theatre, London.

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Artistic director: Adam Spreadbury-Maher
Executive director: Fiona English


King's Head Theatre


Box office: 0207 226 8561


Box office: Send Mail


115 Upper Street
London N1 1QN

Council: Islington

Region: London

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Angel (Northern)
Highbury & Islington (Victoria, Overground)

Highbury & Islington



St Mary's Church

Day no:
4, 19, 30, and 43

Night no:
N19, N41

Access information


If you are registered disabled and require an essential companion in order to visit the theatre your companion will be priovded with a complimentary ticket.

For all access bookings, you are advised to book by phone on 0207 226 8561 or emailing

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

Click the image below to go there.

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Wheelchair access

The venue is wheelchair accessible, but space is limited so the theatre advises booking as far in advance as possible - call or email the box office for booking assistance.

Current shows

Margot, Dame, The Most Famous Ballerina In The World

Embroiled in a failed coup to oust the President of Panama, Margot Fonteyn's husband, Roberto "Tito" Arias escapes Panama and returns to Peru. Margot, however, was arrested and detained for 24 hours in a Panamanian jail.

Previews from: Wednesday 17 July 2019
Closes: Thursday 18 July 2019

Upcoming shows

Southern Belles

Two one-act plays ... And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens, and Something Unspoken, two rarely performed pieces by Tennessee Williams.

Previews from: Wednesday 24 July 2019
Closes: Saturday 24 August 2019

Schlong Song

Stand-up storytelling, hip-hop heroics, and emotional nudity collide in Woody Shticks' smash-hit smackdown of sexual misadventure.

Previews from: Thursday 25 July 2019
Closes: Sunday 28 July 2019

Mating In Captivity

It's Annie and Rob's wedding night. Unbeknownst to Annie, Jacob - Rob's ex - has somehow managed to wrangle a night at Rob's place where Jacob assumes he won't be doing much sleeping …

Previews from: Tuesday 30 July 2019
Closes: Sunday 4 August 2019

Fine and Dandy

Ernest Faigele Fine a wandering Jew at the turn of the century, moves across continents from the Pale of Settlement through to Manchester, Blackpool, The Music Hall and The Battlefields of Northern France.

Previews from: Tuesday 6 August 2019
Closes: Sunday 11 August 2019

How we begin

A new play about love, identity and trying to make enough room in your calendar to sleep with your best friend.

Previews from: Sunday 11 August 2019
Closes: Monday 12 August 2019

The Stones

In the aftermath of a terrible break-up, Nick takes a job out of town as a private tutor to two young children. The job seems perfect, the family too good to be true. A whole new life seems possible.

Previews from: Tuesday 13 August 2019
Closes: Sunday 18 August 2019

Target Man

19-year-old Connor has just signed for a Premier League team. Fame, fortune and the World Cup squad are within his reach. He just needs to play up and keep his head down.

Previews from: Tuesday 20 August 2019
Closes: Saturday 24 August 2019

World's End

A love story that looks at how trauma changes us, World's End explores the Kosovo War, single parenthood and sexuality - all through the lens of a 90s games console.

Previews from: Tuesday 27 August 2019
Closes: Saturday 21 September 2019

Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

Before Voldemort became He Who Must Not Be Named, he was just Tom Riddle, another moody teenager at Hogwarts. Join him in this brand new hilarious musical adventure as he learns the ways of love, proper snake maintenance and The Unforgivable Curses.

Previews from: Thursday 29 August 2019
Closes: Saturday 21 September 2019


Ollie is a self-proclaimed Beta Male. He's into ultimate frisbee, vegan barbecues and playing the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. When he volunteers to model nude for an artist, he's hell bent on showing her just how woke he is.

Previews from: Sunday 1 September 2019
Closes: Monday 16 September 2019

The Elixir of Love

New English version of Donizetti's dazzling comic opera blends the sensational music with a decidedly different take on the astonishing tale of romance and magic.

Previews from: Wednesday 25 September 2019
Closes: Saturday 26 October 2019

Don Giovanni

New English version of Mozart's dazzling tragicomic opera blends the sensational music with a decidedly different take on the astonishing adventures of the famous libertine.

Previews from: Thursday 3 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 2 November 2019

Tickle: The Musical

Two good looking guys are made a curious offer: they can earn decent money from being ticklish. Really? Yes, it's a sport; and 'it's not gay!'

Previews from: Monday 14 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 26 October 2019


Disney villain. Octo-woman. Plus-size icon. But who is the woman behind the tentacles?

Previews from: Wednesday 30 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 23 November 2019


Robert Chesley's Jerker, or the Helping Hand is a pornographic elegy with redeeming social values and a hymn to the Queer Men of San Francisco in twenty telephone calls - many of them dirty.

Previews from: Wednesday 30 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 23 November 2019

The Nativity Panto

Join Mary, Joseph, an ever-so-angelic Gabriel and a dastardly Herod on the road to Bethlehem for a heavenly cocktail of spiritually sublime musical numbers, immaculately conceived puns and - as always - the entirely unexpected!

Previews from: Friday 29 November 2019
Closes: Saturday 11 January 2020


A groundbreaking exploration of family, survival and same-sex relationships in London's Peckham.

Previews from: Tuesday 14 April 2020
Closes: Saturday 2 May 2020

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