Old Red Lion Theatre

Exterior photo of the Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, London

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Artistic director: Stewart Pringle (to be succeeded by Clive Judd)
Executive Director: Damien Devine


Old Red Lion Theatre - seats 60


Box office: 0844 412 4307


Admin: Send Mail


418 St John Street
London EC1V 4NJ

Council: Islington

Region: London

Location map for Old Red Lion Theatre


Angel (Northern)

Old Street



St John Street/ Goswell Road

Day no:
19, 38, 153, 341

Night no:
N19, N38, N41

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows


Explores the highs and lows of falling in, and inevitably out, of love on the grimy streets of London town. Broken is a bawdy, bolshy ballad exploring humanity's greatest addiction.

Previews from: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 12 May 2018

Upcoming shows

In The Shadow of the Mountain

Rob stands on the edge of oblivion just as the chaotic Ellie careers into his life. They desperately need each other but is Ellie, who's struggling with her own Borderline Personality Disorder, really the best person to try and help?

Previews from: Tuesday 15 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 2 June 2018

I Am Of Ireland

Is the myth of open-hearted Ireland which her sons, daughters and visitors love, gone? Humour remains, sectarianism declines but racist violence is on the up - ask the new black priest Father Flannagan.

Previews from: Tuesday 5 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

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