Park Theatre

Park Theatre, LOndon seen from the street.

Photo: Peter Brown 2015

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Artistic director: Jez Bond
Executive Director: John-Jackson Almond


Park 200 - seats 200
Park 90 - seats 90
The Morris Space - seats 60


Box office: 020 7870 6876


Admin: Send Mail

Box office: Send Mail


Clifton Terrace
Finsbury Park
London N4 3JP

Council: Islington

Region: London

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Finsbury Park (Piccadilly, Victoria)

Finsbury Park



Finsbury Park Station

Day no:
4, 19, 29, 153, 236, 253, 254, 259, 210, W3, W7

Night no:
N29, N253, N279

Access information


The building is fully accessible - a lift serves all floors. Concession rates fordisbaled patrons and their carers. Assistance dogs welcome in auditorium - contact box office for best place to sit as seating can change with productions.

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

Click the image below to go there.

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Wheelchair access

Wheelchairs can be accommodated in both main theatre spaces.

Hearing assistance

Induction loop system.

Current shows

The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson

Boris is back in the political wilderness and has ambitions to make Britain great again, but what are his true intentions?

Previews from: Thursday 9 May 2019
Closes: Saturday 8 June 2019

Upcoming shows

Beneath The Blue Rinse

Quentin Tarantino meets Last of the Summer Wine in this wickedly funny, high octane comedy about growing old passionately and disgracefully.

Previews from: Tuesday 21 May 2019
Closes: Saturday 15 June 2019

Napoli, Brooklyn

The Muscolinos have raised three proud and passionate daughters. Each of them bonded by a fierce love for one another and harbouring a secret longing that could tear the family apart.

Previews from: Thursday 13 June 2019
Closes: Saturday 13 July 2019

Summer Rolls

Mai is impulsive, intelligent, independent and growing up fast. As well as realising from a young age that her family are nursing deep wounds and secrets, she also has to navigate her dual identity as a second generation immigrant.

Previews from: Wednesday 19 June 2019
Closes: Saturday 13 July 2019

Whodunnit [Unrehearsed]

It not only features the voices of Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, but also a different celebrity in each performance stepping in as the Inspector without any rehearsal and without ever having seen the script.

Previews from: Monday 15 July 2019
Closes: Saturday 27 July 2019

The Actor's Nightmare

Explores the entertainment industry through biting satire and surreal comedy. At once a celebration of show business and a touching reflection on what it means to be an artist, we are offered snapshots of the eccentric and absurd.

Previews from: Tuesday 16 July 2019
Closes: Saturday 10 August 2019

The Time of Our Lies

Explores Howard Zinn's personal history, including being a soldier who dropped bombs on Rouen, France in WWll. This fateful moment troubled him for the rest of his days and shaped the man who would become a moral compass for the United States.

Previews from: Tuesday 30 July 2019
Closes: Saturday 10 August 2019

The Weatherman

Beezer and O'Rourke live on the fringes of society in a dingy London flat, struggling to make ends meet. Despite living life at the bottom of the heap, the savage banter of their dysfunctional friendship keeps the pair afloat.

Previews from: Thursday 15 August 2019
Closes: Saturday 14 September 2019


Upon return from his first tour of Afghanistan, 19 year old Miles isn't quite himself. Noises don't sound the same. People don't look the same. Pizza doesn't taste the same. The harder he tries to act normal, the harder it gets to be normal.

Previews from: Thursday 15 August 2019
Closes: Saturday 7 September 2019

Mother of Him

Brenda, a single Jewish mother tries to manage her professional life whilst ushering youngest son off to school. His elder brother remains asleep upstairs. This could be a day like any other, if older brother Matthew wasn't under house arrest.

Previews from: Wednesday 18 September 2019
Closes: Saturday 26 October 2019

Black Chiffon

Mrs Alicia Christie maintains a beautiful home, with a clever husband and devoted children. This surely makes her an upstanding society woman ...

Previews from: Wednesday 18 September 2019
Closes: Saturday 12 October 2019


In a chilling parallel to our modern world of influencers peddling protein shakes and diet pills, Fast is the true story of 'Dr' Linda Hazzard who advocated a fasting cure that gripped the press and divided a nation.

Previews from: Tuesday 15 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 9 November 2019

Sydney & The Old Girl

Nell and Sydney Stock are at war - and it's assured destruction. After 50 years cooped up in the same shabby East London house where ghosts of a hard life still linger, the points scored in never ending arguments continue to bind the pair together.

Previews from: Thursday 31 October 2019
Closes: Saturday 30 November 2019

Stray Dogs

Anna Akhmatova, the most celebrated poet of her generation, has lost her first husband to the purges and her son to state prison, where he awaits execution. Now, Stalin, the tyrant responsible for the murder of everyone close to her, wants a favour.

Previews from: Wednesday 13 November 2019
Closes: Saturday 7 December 2019

The Snow Queen

Join Gerda on her epic journey through the seasons to save her best friend Cei before she loses him to endless Winter. With help, they might both be ready to grow up after all.

Previews from: Wednesday 4 December 2019
Closes: Saturday 4 January 2020

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis

Josie's tired. Tired of the Bolton winter. Tired of looking after daydreaming daughter Brenda. But her favourite client Lionel insists on a birthday party and, knowing Josie's a huge Elvis fan, invites a very special guest.

Previews from: Wednesday 11 December 2019
Closes: Saturday 4 January 2020

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