Shoreditch Town Hall

Shoreditch Town Hall photographed from the front of the building.

Photo: Peter Brown 2015

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Artistic director: James Pidgeon
Associate Director: Nick Giles


Assembly Hall - seats 500
Council Chamber - seats 140
The Ditch - seats 60


Box office: 020 7739 6176


Admin: Send Mail

Box office: Send Mail


380 Old Street
London EC1V 9LT

Council: Hackney

Region: London

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Northern Line - Old Street

London Overground - Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton.



Shoreditch Town Hall

Day no:
26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242 and 243

Night no:
N26, N35, N55

About Shoreditch Town Hall

Designed by Caesar Augustus Long and built on the site of the old Fuller's Hospital, Shoreditch Town Hall opened in 1866 as the Vestry Hall for Shoreditch. With its high-coved ceilings, Doric columns, large chandeliers and stained glass windows the Vestry Hall (now known as the Council Chamber) was thought of as "the grandest Vestry Hall in London". It is a magnificent Grade II landmark building managed by Shoreditch Town Hall Trust. It was established as an independent arts and events venue in 2004. Since this time it has established itself as a key part of the cultural landscape, filling a vital need for flexible, non-traditional creative space.

Access information


As a Grade II listed Victorian building still developing as a venue, there are some associated access issues which give some areas limited accessibility for anyone with mobility impairments.

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

Click the image below to go there.

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Wheelchair access

There is a lift from pavement level to the ground floor of the building, allowing for access to the offices on this floor, the Council Chamber, Mayor's Parlour and accessible toilet.

Current shows

Between The Dog And The Wolf

In the twilight hours, when the shadow of a dog becomes the silhouette of a wolf, it is hard to distinguish friend from foe. A dynamic site-responsive performance where the audience crosses an unnerving threshold between hope and fear.

Previews from: Wednesday 17 January 2018
Closes: Sunday 21 January 2018

The Claim

A comically absurd and quietly shattering journey to the heart of our tolerant and fair society. Serge stands before us. He has a performance to give. But why is he here? What is he claiming has happened to him?

Previews from: Tuesday 16 January 2018
Closes: Friday 26 January 2018

Upcoming shows

Party Skills for the End of the World

The skies are strangely orange. Things aren't going as well as we thought. The rent's gone up. Money is tight. It's a bit too warm for the time of year. You can't breathe this dirty air. You're not sure who you can trust any more.

Previews from: Tuesday 13 February 2018
Closes: Saturday 24 February 2018

Instructions For Border Crossing

A twelve-year-old girl sneaks across the border into her own country. Her parents watch her on a computer screen ...

Previews from: Monday 26 March 2018
Closes: Thursday 29 March 2018


Summer 1995, The Great Barrier Reef. Police divers hover over the reef, looking for traces of Ashleigh by torchlight. A coming-of-age thriller exploring the fragility of the childhood imagination.

Previews from: Wednesday 4 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 14 April 2018

Education, Education, Education

It's May 1997. Tony Blair has won the election and Katrina and the Waves have won Eurovision. Channel 5 is a month old. No one knows who Harry Potter is. Britain is the coolest place in the world.

Previews from: Tuesday 17 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 21 April 2018

Palmyra / Eurohouse

Double bill. Palmyra: An exploration of revenge, the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbaric, inviting people to step back from the news. Eurohouse: A darkly comic look at the EU's founding ideals and what got lost along the way.

Previews from: Tuesday 17 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 28 April 2018

The Nature Of Forgetting

Tom is 55, today. As he dresses for his party, tangled threads of disappearing memories spark him into life, unravelling as a tale of friendship, love and guilt.

Previews from: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 28 April 2018

We Can Time Travel

Since he was a boy, Dom has been receiving messages from the Traveller, a mysterious voice, at the edge of time. Join him for an experiment in Harmonic Time Theory to prove, once and for all, that time travel is real.

Previews from: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 5 May 2018

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