Tabard Theatre

Tabard Theatre taken from the front of the building.

Photo by Luke Chang 2015

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General manager: Simon Reilly


Tabard Theatre - seats 96


Box office: 0208 995 6035


Admin: Send Mail

Box office: Send Mail


2 Bath Road
London W4 1LW

Council: Hounslow

Region: London

Location map for Tabard Theatre


Turnham Green (District)
Gunnersbury (District)

South Action (Overground)
Gunnersbury (Overground)



Turnham Green Station

Day no:
E3, H91, 27, 94, 267, 391 (94 stops outside theatre)

Night no:

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows

A Small House at the Edge of the World

A Small House at the Edge of the World is the story of how one location captures and distills two lifetimes worth of love, joy and sorrow. A man and a woman fall in love, marry, have a child, drift apart, re-engage, haunt each other and become the dust of dreams.

Previews from: Wednesday 12 September 2018
Closes: Saturday 29 September 2018

Upcoming shows

See Me For Myself

Teenagers Sally and Stephen tragically find themselves meeting each other for the first time in a hospice. Never allowing the time constraints of their illnesses to quell their youthfulness, they still have the will to love, laugh and be happy.

Previews from: Wednesday 3 October 2018
Closes: Saturday 27 October 2018

Sexy Laundry

Checking into a trendy spa hotel, Alice and Henry are on a mission; to jump start their twenty five year marriage. Time has taken its toll - so have kids, stress and gravity. The show about an ordinary couple with a less-than-ordinary overnight bag!

Previews from: Wednesday 31 October 2018
Closes: Sunday 25 November 2018

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