Tabard Theatre

Tabard Theatre taken from the front of the building.

Photo by Luke Chang 2015

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General manager: Simon Reilly


Tabard Theatre - seats 96


Box office: 0208 995 6035


Admin: Send Mail

Box office: Send Mail


2 Bath Road
London W4 1LW

Council: Hounslow

Region: London

Location map for Tabard Theatre


Turnham Green (District)
Gunnersbury (District)

South Action (Overground)
Gunnersbury (Overground)



Turnham Green Station

Day no:
E3, H91, 27, 94, 267, 391 (94 stops outside theatre)

Night no:

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows


Tells the story of two newlyweds, Kevin and Ted, who live in an affluent subset of the Hamptons. When Kevin's 15 years old niece, Lottie, and her mother, Donna, drop in unannounced on the couple's beautiful Sag Harbor home, all hell breaks loose.

Previews from: Tuesday 20 August 2019

Closes: Saturday 24 August 2019

Upcoming shows


Meet the pals - Pete, Andy, Linda and Sue - in a hit new comedy based on the true story of Brummy council estate mates, from the sixties to the noughties. Nostalgia, pop, scouts, besties, bullies, beatings and sex.

Previews from: Tuesday 3 September 2019

Closes: Friday 27 September 2019

Romeo & Juliet

It's a man's world … but not with this Juliet around! She knows what's what! Writer-Director, Nick Hennegan's fresh, feminist take on Shakespeare's classic tragedy of passion, hate and vendettas where true love is no protection…

Previews from: Wednesday 4 September 2019

Closes: Saturday 28 September 2019

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