Theatro Technis

Theatro Technis, London, photographed from the street in front of the building.

Photo: Peter Brown 2015

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Artistic director: George Eugeniou


Theatro Technis - seats 120



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26 Crowndale Road
London NW1 1TT

Council: Camden

Region: London

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Mornington Crescent (Northern)

Kings Cross
St Pancras



Royal College Street

Day no:
29, 46, 134, 168, 214, 253, 274

Night no:

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We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows

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A creature awakes into a bewildering world of sound and light. Childlike in his innocence, but grotesque in form, he is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck creator and left to understand and survive the world alone.

Previews from: Tuesday 23 January 2018
Closes: Saturday 27 January 2018


Veta Louise Simmons lives with her brother, Elwood, in the house bequeathed to him by their late mother. Veta and her daughter Myrtle Mae are aspirational social climbers but Elwood presents as a bit of a problem to this.

Previews from: Tuesday 6 February 2018
Closes: Saturday 10 February 2018

Di and Viv and Rose

Di is doing business studies and excels at sport. Rose is studying the history of art and loves to cook exotic meals. Viv is a sociologist who dresses in the fashions of the 1940s. Three eighteen year olds with nothing in common.

Previews from: Tuesday 13 February 2018
Closes: Saturday 17 February 2018


April 1984. Under constant surveillance and the watchful eye of Big Brother, Winston Smith rewrites history for The Ministry of Truth. Individuality and free thought are prohibited but Winston privately rebels against the regime.

Previews from: Wednesday 28 February 2018
Closes: Saturday 10 March 2018

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