Tristan Bates Theatre

Tristan Bates Theatre

Photo by: Peter Brown 2017

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Chief Executive: Louise Coles


Tristan Bates Theatre - seats 70


Box office: 020 7240 6283


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1A Tower Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9NP

Council: Camden

Region: London

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Leicester Square (Northern, Piccadilly)
Tottenham Court Road (Central, Northern)

Charing Cross



Cambridge Circus

Day no:
14, 19, 24, 29, 38, 176

Night no:
N5, N19, N20, N29, N38, N41, N279

Access information


Fully wheelchair accessible.

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

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Wheelchair access

Fully wheelchair accessible.

Current shows

The Quentin Dentin Show

Witness Mr Dentin demonstrate his musical therapies on domestically unsatisfied test subjects Nat and Keith! Applaud as he sings his way into their hearts and minds! Marvel as he beams into our world through Nat and Keith’s household radio!

Previews from: Tuesday 20 June 2017
Closes: Saturday 29 July 2017

Upcoming shows


Adam is drowning. His small village has flooded. Stranded on an island of nostalgia, whiskey bottle in hand, Adam is forced to confront his future when those closest to him return after the death of his Mum.

Previews from: Monday 31 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 5 August 2017


In this fast-paced, highly physical new play, Eliana and Ian appear to move in harmony. Watch their happiness and struggles at close range in an intimate setting. A unique new comedy packed with twists, turns and surprises.

Previews from: Monday 31 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 5 August 2017

The Bad Arm - Confessions Of A Dodgy Irish Dancer

Raw rhythms. Tall tales. Arse-clenching Comedy. It's the antidote to Riverdance. She's English in Ireland, Irish in England, and a pink-haired punk in 1970s London. A rich seam of comic failure.

Previews from: Tuesday 1 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 5 August 2017

Sari: The Whole Five Yards

62-year-old Bhanu lifts the lid on her “Fakebook” life. A play about a 62-year-old woman who reclaims her life after 40 years of pretending.

Previews from: Monday 7 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 12 August 2017

A State Of Mind

Billie wraps you up in her safe warm words about love, lust and life. This one woman show is a verbatim play about medicinal and recreational drug use; each story is true from a well-lived woman.

Previews from: Tuesday 8 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 12 August 2017

Borders In The Bedroom

Centres around a British Hindu-American Muslim couple, Maya and Imran, and how deeply entrenched views about the complexities of the outside world can permeate even the most intimate of relationships.

Previews from: Tuesday 8 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 12 August 2017

Reprehensible Men 2

Listen to the dolorous tales of men wondering where it went wrong and consider giving them some help - an interactive theatre storytelling adventure for those who howl at the nebulous moon and bleed out under the spell of early morning birdsong.

Previews from: Monday 14 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 19 August 2017


In the aftermath of war, Kari Trent wakes in a cell with no recollection of how or why she got there. There are no exits, no people, and more importantly, no answers, she must discover the truth for herself, but can she? Before its all too late.

Previews from: Monday 14 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 19 August 2017

So You Say

When ex-lovers meet after a gap of many years, what can we believe about the stories they tell? Explores the divergence over time of the stories we tell about events.

Previews from: Tuesday 15 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 19 August 2017

Edward II

The King is dead. His son, Edward II, is crowned King. His first act: to call home from banishment his lover, Gaveston. Marlowe's homoerotic epic comes to the stage in this all-new, all-male ensemble production.

Previews from: Tuesday 22 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 9 September 2017

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