The Other Palace

The Other Palace

Photo by: Peter Brown

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Artistic director: Paul Taylor Mills
Executive director: Marc Brown


Main Theatre - seats 312
Studio - seats 120


Box office: 0844 264 2121


Box office: Send Mail


12 Palace Street
London SW1E 5JA

Council: Westminster

Region: London

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Victoria (Circle, District, Victoria)




The Other Palace

Day no:
C2, 16, 38, 42, 52, 73, 82, 148

Night no:
N16, N38, N73

About the The Other Palace

Formerly (until 28 January 2017) the theatre was known as the St James Theatre.

It re-opens on Monday 13 February 2017 as The Other Palace.

Access information


Access is on street level and the seats will be located in row N of the auditorium.

A lift that can take you from street level down to the studio level.

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

Click the image below to go there.

Wheelchair access

Access is on street level and the seats will be located in row N of the auditorium.

A lift that can take you from street level down to the studio level.

Hearing assistance

A Sennheiser infrared hearing system in operation in the auditorium recommend sitting in rows A-L. 

Two types of hearing device: The first are headphones that amplify the sound, the second is a necklace loop that can work in conjunction with your hearing aid.

Not have a hearing system in place in the studio.

Current shows

La Strada

The story of wide-eyed Gelsomina, who is sold by her penniless mother to Zampano, a travelling sideshow strongman, unfolds as they journey through the Italian countryside performing for their keep.

Previews from: Tuesday 30 May 2017
Closes: Saturday 8 July 2017

Upcoming shows

Bonnie & Clyde

When Bonnie and Clyde meet, their mutual cravings for excitement and fame immediately set them on a mission to chase their dreams. Their bold and reckless behaviour turns the young lovers' thrilling adventure into a downward spiral.

Previews from: Monday 26 June 2017
Closes: Saturday 1 July 2017

Brexodus! The Musical

Cameron, Gove, Boris, Farage and Theresa May, strut their stuff on a crowded stage aided and abetted by guest stars Putin, Trump, Jean-Claude Juncker and many others. A winning combination of wicked words and great original songs.

Previews from: Tuesday 11 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 15 July 2017

The Little Beasts

Follows a selfish little girl who runs away from home and discovers a magical menagerie filled with animals that used to be children before their naughtiness brought them to untimely ends.

Previews from: Thursday 13 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 29 July 2017


Chaotic, open-hearted and imaginative, Milo is Sam’s only friend. They do everything together. But as Sam’s first day at secondary school approaches, his mum is worried that Milo is holding her son back, stopping him from growing up.

Previews from: Wednesday 9 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 12 August 2017

Sunday in the Park with George

Inspired by the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s stunning masterpiece merges past and present into beautiful, poignant truths about life, love and the creation of art.

Previews from: Wednesday 16 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 19 August 2017

Some Lovers

A valentine to the New York we're always leaving behind. Inspired by The Gift of the Magi, it's a contemporary parable about the gifts we give one another - a love story, set over twenty years.

Previews from: Thursday 24 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 2 September 2017


Showcases - 4 musicals in one evening: One Way, The Edinburgh 7, The Girls of Downey Hall and Cult!

Previews from: Thursday 24 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 26 August 2017

35mm: A Musical Exhibition

35mm, each photo creates a unique song from a moment frozen in time. Award-winning composer Ryan Scott Oliver's music is inspired by Broadway photographer Matthew Murphy's images in this thrilling new alternative-rock musical.

Previews from: Monday 18 September 2017
Closes: Saturday 30 September 2017

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