Riot Act

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A powerful brand new verbatim theatre piece created especially for the Queer Season.
Riot Act at King's Head Theatre

Image: King's Head Theatre


Genre: Drama
Venue: King's Head Theatre
Started: Tuesday 31 July 2018
Closed: Sunday 5 August 2018
Running time:1 hr 00 mins
Age suitability: Not available


'Riot Act' is the follow up piece to Alexis Gregory's recent critically acclaimed sell-out run of 'Sex / Crime' (The Glory).

His previous work includes 'Slap' (Stratford East / Channel 4 / Concrete in Shoreditch) and 'Safe' (Soho Theatre / London Theatre Workshop / Norwich Theatre Royal).

He presents 'Riot Act' in association with Team Angelica.


'Riot Act' is a powerful brand new verbatim theatre piece created especially for the Queer Season.

'You know what's strange, I felt safer on the night of the riots, on the sidewalk in front of Stonewall, than I did in my own home town'.

'I'm a drag queen. I want to live. I want to survive.

As an older person, I'm sixty five now, I couldn't give a f*cking shit'.

'In London, the idea of 'safe sex' was; don't sleep with Americans.

James was older; a mature student.

He was twenty two years old when he died'.

Playwright and performer Alexis Gregory interviewed one of the only remaining Stonewall survivors, radical-drag icon Lavinia Co-Op and prominent 1990's London ACT UP AIDS activist Paul Burston and in this solo theatre piece, 'channels' sex decades of queer history.

Hard-hitting, provocative, tender, truthful, funny, political and personal, these are stories of queerness, activism, addiction, sex, drag, community, conflict, youth, ageing, fierce queens and a Hollywood diva.

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Postal address:
115 Upper Street
London N1 1QN

Box office tel: 0207 226 8561

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Previews from:Tuesday 31 July 2018

Press night:Tuesday 31 July 2018

Closes:Sunday 5 August 2018

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Tuesday ‑ 8‑45pm

Wednesday ‑ 8‑45pm

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Friday ‑ 8‑45pm

Saturday ‑ 8‑45pm

Sunday - 4-45pm





Alexis Gregory


Author: Alexis Gregory
Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE
Production: Alexis Gregory in association with Team Angelica

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